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Elevate your leadership journey with Milestones, Inc. Proven leadership development training and coaching for individuals and teams. Breakthrough to success with tailored solutions. Ready to lead with confidence?

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Lead with Confidence, Milestones Style.

Welcome to Milestones, Inc., founded by Sage Madeline Park, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and seasoned executive coach. Since 2014, Sage has been dedicated to developing resilient leaders, offering engaging coaching experiences in areas such as leadership presence, conflict management, and emotional intelligence. As the Founder/CEO, Sage's impact extends beyond Milestones, Inc. — she serves as a professor at Arizona State University, an active Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce Saudi Arabia, and a sought-after Subject Matter Expert for global organizations including Saudi Electric Company and Unilever. With a wealth of experience and degrees from top institutions, Sage's transformative coaching approach is your key to unlocking leadership excellence at Milestones, Inc.



I am amazed at Sage’s ability to bring us all along, engage our input, keep us to task, tie a multitude of complexities together & enable great outcomes. She has a wonderful way with people, a highly developed understanding of leadership & interpersonal relationships & unlike many other facilitators, an affinity with business principals.

HR Director, Insurance

Sage is a natural talent in facilitation & leading people. She raises the bar as she demonstrates the art of facilitation. The seamless transitions, clear instructions & deeper dives into her experience & knowledge all serve to validate her credibility as a subject matter expert. With a powerfully intuitive sense for what is needed in the moment to meet the needs of her audience, you feel her vibrant energy in the room & you know you’re in for an amazing experience. 

Director, Education Facility

It has been my pleasure to work with Sage. She understood our organization’s cultural needs and was able to connect board, management & staff for all voices to be heard in a process that was thorough & productive for the benefit of our organization. 

Head of Training, Tourism

Ready to embark on a journey of leadership transformation? Click the contact button below to connect with us. Whether you're seeking expert coaching for your organization, world-class one-on-one leadership guidance, or transformative on-site workshops, we're here to help you navigate the path to success. Your leadership evolution starts with a simple click

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In business, everything rises and falls on leadership. Milestones, Inc facilitates leadership development and growth so that businesses like yours can reach their full potential! We offer a variety of training solutions designed by Blanchard, and based on over 40 years of research, that will help your organization achieve new levels of success. If you want to grow as a leader, equip your team with the skills to move your business forward, or engrain timeless leadership principles into your company culture, we have the training solutions for you!

Leadership Solutions

Empower your leaders with the essential skills needed to drive your team towards success and growth.


Propel yourself and your team to achieve unparalleled success through personalized coaching sessions that target your specific goals and aspirations.


Immerse your leaders in dynamic, collaborative workshops designed to provide personalized training, allowing them to take control and lead with confidence.


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